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High Voltage Fuses

a. Indoor / Outdoor / Med & High Voltage Fuses

b. Capacitor: Filter Bank, Harmonic Bank Fuses, MCC (Motor Control Centers), Transformer: Dry Type, Underoil, Pad Mount, PT & Mainline Fuses

PV (Photovoltaic) &
ESS (Energy Storage System) Fuses

a. PV @ 1500VDC UL listed / IEC

b. ESS @ 1500VDC UL / IEC at very Low L/R & High Breaking Capacity

URS Square Body
Semiconductor Fuses
& DIL gRL (gS)

a. Fuses for Semiconductor Protection in sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 with UL/IEC/CUL

b. Class: aR, gRL (gS)

NH Low Voltage Fuses

a. European knife blade fuse system available in size: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 4a

b. Class: gG, gB, aM, gTr, gTF with UL/IEC

Wind Application

a. Fuses specifically designed for Wind Applications.

Med/High Voltage Fuses

URZ Cylindrical

a. Available in seven different sizes:
& 27x60mm

Miniature / SMD Fuses

a. Available in eight operating classes: aR, F, T, M, FF, TT, T/D & gPV UL/IEC/CEE/CSA
b. Specialty miniature fuses: Un @ 1.2kVAC, 3kVAC, 6kVAC & 10kVAC
c. Available Mounting Accessories: fuse holders: panel mount & in-line, fuse bases, fuse blocks & fuse clips

URE Fuses

a. First true EV fuse used in millions of vehicles such as Models S, X, 3 & Y
b. Extremely high interrupting ratings up to 120kA. Meets IEC, BS 88 standards
c. Used in Military trucks and helicopters as well as civilian vehicles in North America (US, Canada & Mexico), Europe, Asia and elsewhere

Traction Fuses

a. Fuses specifically designed for Traction Applications
b. Class: aR, gR cylindrical fuses available in: 5x20mm, 10x38mm, 14x58mm, 20x127mm, 22x58mm, 27x60mm up to 4200VDC
c. Withstands high shock and vibration and high breaking capacity available for all traction application

V/D Fuses

a. V Fuses for Forklift & other Battery Powered Vehicles
b. D Fuses – European Type Diazed & Neozed Fuses
c. Available in Class: aR & gRL, F, gG/gL, gRL(gS)

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