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Your trusted source for all your circuit protection applications from semi conductor, high voltage to miniature fuses.


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We are the world leaders in these applications and the most trusted name for all your circuit protection needs.

We have been working for over 80 years in semiconductor fuses, including ULTRA RAPID®, medium, and high voltage, standard European, miniatures, electronic fuses, and a wide range of DC rated fuses (24 VDC - 5200 VDC) for all types applications. We work with medium and high voltage fuses for protection of transformers, including submersibles, motors, medium and high voltage switchgear, compact substations, cable feeders, and high voltage capacitor circuits. New: Full line of ESS and PV UL Listed fuses and fuse holders.

We are Europe’s number one trusted medium and high voltage fuse manufacturer.

We do not stop there; we also manufacture bottle fuses for all sizes, including DIAZED, NEOZED, and cylindrical types. The list goes on, such as specialty fuses for traction, inverters, choppers, mining, turbine, switchgear, AC/DC drives, forklift, and Navy, communication, and many other applications

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