V & D Fuses

SIBA holds over 10,000 different fuse technology products. But even with that variety, we can still not cover every application, and for constantly changing needs we have to develop ever new variants. And even if one fuse fits perfectly, it may still not be able to be used because - to give just one example - a specific tripping sequence may be required in the case of fuses installed in series. Nevertheless, we also have a wide variety of pre-made products available for special applications - from mining to the railways. 

Fuses for Battery Applications, Powered Forklifts, and Industrial Vehicles. 

Voltage Ratings:  

36VDC and 80VDC 


DIN 43560 part 1 
DIN 72581-2 

Also known as diozed or neozed fuses, they have the non-interchangeability of fuse links due to the graduated contact diameter to current rating, with matched gauge piece in the fuse base. 


F and gG/gL 

Voltage Ratings: 

400VAC – 250VDC 


IEC 60269-3-1 
DIN VDE 063 part 301 
DIN 49515, 49360, 49365 and 49522